Course Open

We provide free WiFi so that smartphones, laptops, iPads, tablets, etc. may be used around the clubhouse. Please switch all devices to silent/vibrate at all times on the course and within the clubhouse, so that they do not cause distraction or upset fellow members, guests and visitors. Telephone calls may be made in the foyer or the car park. The making or accepting of calls on the patio is not permitted. Calls on the course should be limited to emergencies only.


Smoking and vaping are only permitted in the designated areas and NOT in the clubhouse, 19th Spikes Bar or lounge. This is only allowed in the clearly defined areas and tables on the patio. There are other clearly marked areas around the clubhouse where this is permitted.


Repair all pitch marks and divots. Level sand in bunkers. Trolleys not be taken on the tees, greens or their direct surrounds. Bag or trolley to be left near the exit to the green. Mark the score card on the next tee, not on the green just played. If first to tee off, play your tee shot and then mark the card.

  • Competition matches have priority
  • ‘Ready Golf’ is always encouraged
  • Provisional balls should be played if in any doubt that the first
    ball may be lost. Announce the brand name and number of the provisional ball to the others in your group. (See Rule 10-3 & Rule 27). Look and play your own ball, before helping others.
  • Maximum of three minutes to search for a ball, after which it should be declared lost and the provisional ball is in play. Keep up with the game in front. Call next group through if you have lost a hole. Encourage a good pace when walking between shots.

The Officers and authorised employees of the club reserve the right to refuse admission to the course and/or patio and clubhouse if, in their opinion, any individual acts or dresses in a manner which could cause offence or embarrassment to other members, their guests, or visitors.

1st Fairway At the cross over, players on the 3rd have priority
3rd Green  Please ring the bell when you are clear of the green 
6th Fairway Please give way to players teeing off on the 7th
12th Green Please ring the bell when you are clear of the green
14th Tee Box Please give way to players teeing off on the 17th
14th Green Please ring the bell when you are clear of the green
16th Tee Box Please wait until players have teed off the 15th
18th Fairway Please ring the bell, left or right side when passing
Car Park Changing of clothing in the car park is not permitted, subject to government COVID-19 instructions.