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(updated 22 May at 05:39)

I am delighted to be able to share a new benefit for our members that   gives you access to special discounts and offers.

Surbiton Golf Club is now part of Volvo’s Affinity programme (details can be found on your personal Home Page of the Club Website). This is an exclusive programme restricted to a small number of golf clubs across the UK. It means that Surbiton Golf Club members now have access to a variety of new car discounts and offers at Squire Furneaux in Leatherhead that are not available to non-members.

This means you can get your hands on a brand-new Volvo at a very   preferential price.

The benefits to Surbiton Golf Club members are as follows:-

First up is a partner discount, awarded as a percentage of the vehicle’s net cost. This maximises the value of the discount, by keeping the pre-VAT   price of the car as low as possible. In consequence, you get more for your   money.

Because Surbiton is an Affinity Partner, Volvo will add a further discount. The dealer will offer lump-sum reductions on the net value of the cars. These vary by model and ensure you’ll often secure a new vehicle for what feels like the cost of a second-hand car.

The third element of the Affinity offer is the option of metallic paint,   completely free of charge. This is usually sold at up to £700, and gives you   a wider selection of finishes to choose from when it comes to specifying the car of your dreams.

Meanwhile, the possibility of purchasing an up-front servicing deal means you can plan your running costs for the first years of ownership. Three years of servicing are available for £300, and five years for £500. What’s more, packages like these are sometimes available at no cost to customers taking up a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) offer.

If that takes care of the fourth aspect of the Affinity package, the fifth   component gives you the chance to spread your purchasing costs and keep   interest payments to a minimum. Finance deals change over time, but Affinity partners can get preferential interest rates – including occasional 0% deals – that aren’t available to customers outside the scheme.

Finally, for those who like to personalise their car, there is a selection of accessories at discounted prices. This includes some packages that have   been designed specifically for Affinity customers, giving you a car that   stands out from the crowd and is perfectly suited to your lifestyle.   Accessories available include roof bars, cycling racks, interior mats and dog guards.

So if you are thinking of changing your car, why not visit Squire Furneaux, Leatherhead, to check out a brand new Volvo. If you show a member of the sales team your Surbiton membership card they will be very happy to talk you through the options. The extra savings you make over normal deals   could pay for your annual Surbiton subscription for one or more years!

Volvo will be supporting the Club in a number of other ways so look out for further news.

Clint Whittaker

Club Secretary