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Hole Nine

Pro's Tip - With an upwards sloping fairway, a slight dog leg from right to left, a small copse of conifers to the right and an old World War II wooded bomb crater to the left, an accurate, rather than a long drive, into the right half of the fairway is called for. Thereafter, your approach shot to an elevated, two-tiered green, guarded by two bunkers, one on the left between the crater and the green, and the other closer in to the right, will need to be carefully judged.


  • White


    266 Yards, Par 4, S.I. 17

  • Yellow


    258 Yards, Par 4, S.I. 17

  • Red


    264 Yards, Par 4, S.I. 17

  • Blue


    252 Yards, Par 4, S.I. 11


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