Course Open

Hole Eight

Pro's Tip - Considered by many to be the most intimidating hole at Surbiton, if not the most difficult. With mature trees close in to the left, the out of bounds Waffrons' stables and paddock to the right and a thick hedge running obliquely right across in front of the fairway, a long straight drive, into a sloping left to right fairway, is called for if you are to reach the green in two. The entrance to the green is narrow, guarded on the left by the First Tee and the practice putting green (which is out of bounds!) and on the right by two bunkers. The green itself is huge, serving the 18th as well, undulating, and with a slope from left to right and from front to rear ensuring that putting out is challenging from most positions.


  • White


    396 Yards, Par 4, S.I. 3

  • Yellow


    377 Yards, Par 4, S.I. 3

  • Red


    312 Yards, Par 4, S.I. 3

  • Blue


    304Yards, Par 4, S.I. 11


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