Course Open

Hole Three

Pro's Tip - Straight and long is the objective from this tee. It is unlikely, other than for the very longest of hitters, that you will be able to see the green for your second shot as it lies at the bottom of a downward slope beyond the first fairway over which this hole crosses. A bunker catches long drives to the left. A white disc marker, above and behind the green, indicates the centre line of the green, however anything landing short will usually be moved from right to left by the slope. Be warned though that anything more than a few feet through the two tiered green will, more often than not, result in a lost ball and that dreaded walk back to replay. The 150 yard marker on this hole is actually 170 yards from the green as it would otherwise be in the centre of the first fairway.


  • White


    402 Yards, Par 4, S.I. 5

  • Yellow


    391 Yards, Par 4, S.I. 5

  • Red


    371 Yards, Par 4, S.I. 5

  • Blue


    341 Yards, Par 3, S.I. 11


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