Course Open

Hole Twelve

Pro's Tip - A long straight drive over a thick hedge crossing in front of a generously broad fairway, right by a fairway bunker should set you up nicely for your second shot laying up to or flying over the centrally located mound where the progressively rising fairway starts to plateau. However, whether short of or over this mound your third shot to the unseen green at the bottom of the reverse slope will be influenced by any wind and the ground conditions. Better to be short than long as there are only a few yards of roughish grass behind the green before the ground falls away abruptly to the seventeenth hole.


  • White


    512 Yards, Par 5, S.I. 8

  • Yellow


    484 Yards, Par 5, S.I. 8

  • Red


    465 Yards, Par 5, S.I. 6

  • Blue


    438 Yards, Par 5, S.I. 11


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