Course Open

Hole Ten

Pro's Tip - From the tees the ground falls away gradually for about two thirds of the length of this hole, and a little from left to right, so your tee shot should ideally be to the left of centre of the fairway. Too long and too right will invariably result in your approach to the green being blocked out by the trees on the right. From the centre of the fairway, your shot should be directed at the flag, or perhaps a little to the left, depending on its position on this oval shaped green, which is guarded by a deepish, sharp faced bunker to the right front, and by a shallower bunker on the left front. The green itself is pretty flat and long, with a small ridge circling the left and rear of it.


  • White


    373 Yards, Par 4, S.I. 6

  • Yellow


    350 Yards, Par 4, S.I. 6

  • Red


    304 Yards, Par 4, S.I. 12

  • Blue


    300 Yards, Par 4, S.I. 11


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