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Dress Code

Surbiton is one of the best presented courses in Surrey, and members and guests are asked to reflect this in the way they dress on and off the course. The deliberately simple dress code, described below, is designed to give guidance without being overly prescriptive, so that we can sustain our friendly and welcoming ambience.

The operative word is ‘appropriate’ both on the Course and in and around the Clubhouse and the intention is to encourage personal responsibility, whilst considering others. What is appropriate is ultimately at the sole discretion of Surbiton Golf Club.

By adopting this approach it is hoped that common sense will prevail and that the dress code will be self-policed by Members and Club Staff alike. Committee Members and Club Staff have the authority to ask any member or visitor not complying to leave the Course or Clubhouse.

On the Course

Golfers are asked to maintain a high standard of dress and presentation and are required to wear smart, appropriate golfing attire, such as is available in a PGA Professional’s shop.

Metal spike, soft spike, or dimple sole golf shoes must be worn. Predominately white socks should be worn with shorts, skirts and three-quarter length trousers.

Scruffy or torn clothing is not considered appropriate.

In and around the Clubhouse

Clean, dry, smart casual is the appropriate dress in the Clubhouse, unless otherwise stated. Smart casual will include: Clean, smart trainers, sandals (or similar) and loafers with or without socks; Smart denim jeans provided they are not ripped or frayed.

Smart casual does not include the following: Football or Rugby shirts, T-Shirts, Singlets, Flip-Flops or Tracksuits.

Golf shoes, provided that they are clean and dry, may be worn only in the Changing Rooms, when passing between the Changing Rooms and the main Clubhouse entrance, in the 19th Bar, or as otherwise stated.

Golf shoes of any type are not allowed in the Main Lounge.

No form of headgear is allowed in the Clubhouse (including through the 19th or main lounges) apart from the changing rooms, professional’s shop and the front and rear lobbies.

No golf equipment is allowed in the Clubhouse apart from the changing rooms and access thereto through the front and rear lobbies.

Mobile Phones and tablets

We provide free WiFi so that you can use smartphones, laptops, iPads, tablets, etc around the Clubhouse. Please keep all devices silent so that they do not cause distraction or upset to your fellow members, guests and visitors.

Telephone calls may be made in the foyer or on the Car Park side of the Clubhouse but please have phones switched to silent / vibrate at all times (both on the course and within the clubhouse). Making or accepting phone calls on the patio is not accepted. Calls on the course should be limited to emergencies only.