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1895 Club

Surbiton is proud to be a member of the 1895 Club - a wonderful reciprocal relationship between clubs founded, like Surbiton, in 1895.

The 1895 Club was the brainchild of Bill Flockhart, Captain of Duddingston GC in 1995. He obtained from The R&A a list of UK Clubs founded in 1895 and contacted them with the aim of agreeing reciprocal visiting rights for members of these Clubs. The inaugural meeting was held at Handsworth GC (being the most central location) where the basic tenets were thrashed out and 18 Clubs agreed. Since that time the 1895 Club has expanded to 40 Clubs and it has brought about many new friendships and is a great benefit to all members. Handsworth hosted 143 visitors under the scheme in 2011 and Surbiton regularly welcomes members from other 1895 Clubs.

Please follow these simple rules:

For courtesy visits to other Clubs in the 1895 scheme some basic courtesies/rules are to be followed:

  1. Members make their own arrangements (IN ADVANCE) with the Secretary of the Club they wish to visit. (Do not turn up unannounced.) If Surbiton members wish to visit another 1895 Club, they need to speak to Susan Ward, our Assistant Secretary, who will contact the Club concerned out of courtesy and make the necessary arrangements.
  2. Members must take with them a letter of introduction and a handicap certificate.
  3. Check with the host Club their dress rules and respect them.
  4. Numbers to be kept to a reasonable level at any one visit as should the number of visits to the same Club.
  5. Some Clubs have put restrictions on the number of visitors at any one time and these are shown on the bottom of the list of participating Clubs. Please check before you make any requests.
  6. The original arrangements included a 75 mile separation between Clubs for visits to take place, meaning that some effort should be made by visitors, rather than a short ride to a neighbour Club, thus avoiding the possibility of convenience leading to nuisance visits. However a few Clubs have come to mutually agreed reductions in the separation distance, and this is a matter entirely decided by the Clubs in question.

Valescure 1895 Cup

Each year one of the 1895 Clubs in France - the Golf et Tennis Club de Valescure - hosts a weekend tournament open to 1895 Clubs. The event is open to all the 1895 Member Clubs and takes place each year in September. If members wish to enter a team please contact Clint Whittaker, our Club Secretary.

1895 Trophy

The Club also competes for the 1895 Trophy. A team of eight, led by Lady Captain Jenny Walters won the 1895 Trophy at Goring & Streatley Golf Club on Sunday September 29, 2013 at the first time of asking. The Surbiton team came third in 2014, hosted the competition in 2015 and is on the rota for hosting again in 2023.