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Course Open (updated 23 September at 05:43)

Those of you who played at the weekend will see that the primary drains have been laid and the trenches top-soiled and seeded. Hopefully the warm wet weather will mean the seed takes hold quickly.

However, the heavy rain in the last week means that two days were lost due to heavy rains on primary drainage. In addition, the ground was so hard and compacted the original sand slitting machine couldn’t operate efficiently and therefore we had to bring in a different machine (gravel banding) to input secondary drainage to the 4 fairways that we are having drained.  This has added a further 3 days delay.

The combination of these two delays means that we are running a week behind schedule. The good news is that the gravel banding machine actually cuts out a channel in the clay and infills with gravel and gives a much neater finish, as opposed to the sand slitting machine which takes nothing out but makes a slit which is then infilled with sand.  The gravel banding machine will produce much more effective secondary drainage but travels much slower than the sand slitting machine.

As a result, the revised completion date is now 11th September. If the weather causes us further problems we will keep you posted.

If you look in the outfall ditches you will see that the primary drains are working well!


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