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Course Open (updated 23 September at 05:43)

We start the new year of the 200 Club next month.  There are a few numbers available if anyone is interested in joining this year. 

For members who are not aware of the rules they are listed below: 

  1. A maximum of 200 members will be entered into each monthly draw.  Each 200 Club member MUST be a member of Surbiton Golf Club and aged 18+ on 1st April.


1. Each entry costs £10 per month and will be collected via Standing Order, starting from 1st April*. Alternatively you can make a one-off payment of £120 by cheque, cash or BACS.  Please ensure the £120 is sent into the office by 1st April*.  If there are arrears the member’s number is ineligible for the six month prize draw.  Members will retain their initial number providing payment is made by the due date. *Revised date April 30 for new joiners.

2. Each member is allowed to hold more than one number in the draw, provided that there is no waiting list.

3. The Monthly Draw will be made in the Clubhouse during the first weekend of each month and will be advised to members through the website, via email and by notices in the Clubhouse.  The first draw will be made in May. Each draw will be audited by any two of the following, one of which must be an elected Committee member: Captain, Vice Captain, Chairman of Management, Club Secretary, Assistant Secretaries and Treasurer.

4. All prizes are conditional upon sufficient funds being received.


1st Prize:                                 £250

2nd Prize                                 £150

3rd Prize                                 £100

4th Prize                                 £75

5th Prize                                 £50

Every six months there will be an additional prize draw of £1,000.  To be eligible for this prize, members must have been in the “200 Club” for a minimum of 3 months.  The first six monthly draw will be made during the first weekend of October and then during the first weekend April and October each year.

Profits from the “200 Club” will be used for improvements in Club facilities.

The 200 Club will be run by the Office.  The Chairman of Management, Captain and Vice Captain will be trustees of the scheme.

If you are interested in joining the 200 Club, please let Susan Ward know as soon as possible.


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