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What Golf Balls!
Like all golf equipment, golf ball design and performance has moved on leaps and bounds since they first started playing feathery balls. TGolf Ballsoday's golf balls look pretty much alike but what's inside the ball can affect many of our shots on the course. The height and distance of shots and even how the ball will spin when it lands can all vary from ball to ball. So before you purchase your next sleeve of balls lets have a quick look at where they differ.  

The price of new golf balls start from around £1 each and can go as high as £60 for a box of a dozen. If you are a beginner or have the ability to loose a few balls during a game of golf then you may want to stay away from the more expensive models. Is this instance I would recommend a budget ball, I’m not a fan of used golf balls as you really don’t know how old they are and if they are performing correctly, you may not know this but even golf balls have a shelf life? Before deciding on a make and model make sure you can afford to keep playing that ball for a period of time.

Distance / Hard balls   A two-piece golf ball, often with a hard feel, is a ball with a solid inner core and a hard cover. This ball is designed to go Golf Ballthe maximum distance for the golfer using it. This type of ball will usually have a hard cover, normally made of surlyn, it is very helpful for new golfers and those requiring a little extra distance. The harder cover helps with keeping this ball in better shape and lasting longer and is especially beneficial to golfers that are a little wayward towards cart paths and trees etc.  

Intermediate Balls   Although these balls are still a two piece combination the Golf Ballmodern day softer core with a combination outer skin gives this choice of ball a great in-between performance. It has a middle of the road price range and is ideal for the mid-handicapper. It is suited to the golfer that requires some extra length off the tee but would still like some feel around the greens.  

High End Performance Ball   Top of the range performance balls are generally made of aGolf Ballmulti layer construction and can be made in several layers but more commonly in three or four pieces. It will have a softer cover material on the outside which allows for a greater feel around the greens and of course some spin. This type of ball will be the most expensive on the market and because of the softness, will be the least durable ball as well. High performance balls are best suited to the more experienced player or indeed expert players.  

The next time you play don’t just grab the first ball out of your bag and tee off, have a look and check the condition. If it has any scuff marks or cuts it can have a dramatic affect on your shots, especially how it flies through the air and lands on the green.   If you want to play more consistently then it makes sense to always play the same make / model of golf ball. The more you play with it the better understanding you will have on how it reacts to your game. If you try a different ball every time then you will never know what ball will help you reach your full potential.   Good luck with choosing the right ball and if you need any further help feel free to pop into the shop for some free advice. Signature

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