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Course Open (updated 23 September at 05:43)

The first  phase of our major course improvement plan will start on Monday 27th July and should be completed on Friday 5th September.

This stage will be to install primary and secondary drainage on holes 5-8. It is a major project that can only be undertaken when ground conditions are likely to be dry, hence the need to undertake this work in the summer.

It will be necessary to close parts of the course to give the contractors free and unencumbered access to allow the project to run to schedule. The contractors work Monday to Friday, so depending on the level of disruption, we are hoping to open fully at weekends to enable competitions and knockout rounds to be played.

The area encompasses all of holes 5, 6, 7 and 8. Detailed plans for each hole are posted in the clubhouse.

How the drainage works

Artificial drainage comprises three separate aspects called main, primary and secondary.

Primary drainage comprises 5 inch diameter permeable plastic pipe. These pipes are laid at an intervals of 5 metres between each pipe. Primary drains are laid 500mm below ground level and run into the main drainage. The pipes are laid by machine and are seated on a sand and gravel bed to ensure they run at the correct angle.  They have a minimum life of 25 years and probably longer.

Secondary drainage is a series of sand-filled slits that are 20mm diameter, 150 mm deep and spaced 500 mm apart. These slits catch the majority of the water and run perpendicular to and feed into the primary drains Secondary drainage needs to be refurbished  every 5 or so years to keep the drainage system working efficiently.

Main drainage takes the water harvested by the primary and secondary drains away to the natural water courses.

The Contractor

The project is being undertaken by Profusion Environmental. Profusion installed the drainage on the 10th fairway last year and re-shaped and lined the bunker at the 17th Green last Autumn. The Profusion project leader is Nigel Wyatt, a director of Profusion and a past Chairman of the Land Drainage Contractors Association. Profusion has worked for many local golf clubs including Wimbledon Park, Richmond and St George’s Hill .Profusion will be returning to Surbiton in the Autumn to continue the bunker refurbishment project.

We have also employed the services of Stella Rixon of the Sports Turf Research Institute, who act as consultants to the R & A among others, to assist the project from a technical standpoint.

We will try to issue weekly progress reports, published in the Clubhouse and on the website, throughout the duration of the project.

Please extend a courteous welcome to the contractors

We appreciate that these works will impact on your play as some holes will be closed while the work is carried out. We hope that you will give every support and encouragement both to the contractor's staff and our own green staff while the project is underway.

While no drainage system will guarantee that the course will always be open, this investment should enable us to keep more of the course open for more of the time during wet weather.


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