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Course Open (updated 23 September at 05:43)

Drainage progress

We are now at the halfway point in the project. Last week almost 2 days were lost due to the very heavy rain, in which it was impossible to lay the main drainage pipes. However, the rain provided a good test of the work so far and it’s all working as it should.

This week, w/c 17th August, we will finish laying all the primary pipes on the approaches to 6th and 7th holes. And that will be the end of the primary drainage work. The trenches will then be topped off with soil and seed to allow them to grass over. Later this week work will start on installing secondary drainage using sand banding that will run into the primary drains.

Bunkers, paths and landscaping

Those who have played the course in the past week will have seen that the bunker at the front of 11th green has been replaced by using spoil to create mounding as a hazard. The left-hand fairway bunker on 12th hole has been filled, as has the bunker at the top of the hill where again spoil has been used to create a hazard in the form of mounding that will be grassed over. The right bunker on the 6th has also been filled and shaped. Work is also underway to shape the approaches to the right of the 6th green

Improvements to the 4th tee are being carried out and a new path on the 7th is being laid.

Course maintenance

Those who played at the weekend will also have seen what a good job the green staff did during course maintenace week. A visiting team from North Downs complimented us on the quality of the greens and how true they were rolling. Bearing in mind this was within a week of tining and top dressing, it shows how hard our team work.


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